There’s something about running when its 95 degrees outside with an equal measure of humidity. No matter your skill level, after a couple of miles you’re drenched and panting. For me, there is no better feeling.

I’ve been running for 11 years and nothing else, not even spin class, compares to the addicting agony of a long distance run in August in Florida. Now that I’m out of school temporarily I have the freedom to run at a slightly cooler time; but I still feel nostalgic when I see the high school cross country team, my old team, heading out in the middle of the day. I can always pick out the freshmen because they’re the ones vomiting on the side of the road.

These kids are learning that despite the heat, there is a bliss that comes with Florida summer runs that surpasses the normal runners high. You finish your run and your mind is empty. It helps when you don’t have the energy to think, just truly appreciate easy access to cold water, air conditioning, and a floor to sit on so you don’t stink up the furniture.

I challenge you to take a run, or at least a brisk walk, outside this weekend, no matter the heat. You don’t have to go far before you experience your own Nirvana.

Just remember to drink lots of water.

Pookie is a poet and proud Ole Miss Alum who is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree.

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