I just knew I was the first person to ever think of this!

Due to the thousands of productive hours I have spent flipping through Instagram, Pinterest and Southern home and garden decorating magazines, I believe that I have a pretty good grasp on what can accomplished in a dining room.

But I had never seen an orchid in a cut glass punch bowl.

And since I have an abundance of punch bowls already in my dining room, I thought I had finally latched on to a signature style—as opposed to my current style of crazy-punch-bowl-hoarder-lady.

So off I went to see my friend who conveniently owns a terrific garden shop specializing in orchids. Well, you can probably see how this went:

Me: “I have this amazing idea.”
Him: “Oh, I do that for people all of the time.”

So there you go. Not an original idea but still a really good one.

Basically take orchid moss (found at any garden shop) and line the bottom of your punch bowl. Then place as many orchids or bromeliads as comfortably fit inside the bowl. I leave them in the plastic containers. Best (and easiest) dining room table centerpiece ever.

Just remember, you heard it here first!

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