Farewell to summer 2014


By Saunro

Labor Day traditionally marks the end the summer. But here in Florida, we just experience more of a ‘summer lite’ where it’s 60 at night instead of 80.

For my family of two retired adults and dogs, post Labor Day means packing up and retreating to the mountains for the next few months where we watch the colors change, the leaves fall and the temperatures drop. Au revoir to the heat, humidity and daily thunder booms!

But first let us honor this summer. We toasted the season with lemonade, gin and tonic and sweet tea.
We sat by the lake and ate almost exclusively off the grill. Nothing was better than to share these favorites with friends and family with picnics, barbeques or impromptu gatherings. Cheerio to summer celebrations!

With the Rays already struggling through September, it won’t be hard to say adios to my Boys of Summer.

To the laid back long days of summer I say Arrivederci!

And hello to cool mountain nights, fall festivals, s’mores, winery hopping and football!

Saunro is an independent thinker. She is living the good life in retirement at Crooked Lake, and she continues to volunteer as an animal and child advocate.

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