Victory Over Daily Life: Dead Car Battery


When Pookie drove across the Bay late last night, her car was fine. This morning, the reliable old Jetta, named Sheila, decided she just wasn’t going to go.

Time for a new battery, and how hard could that be? Pookie’s friend, Sherman, came over and together they examined the German Owner’s Manual, Face Timed the Old Man and watched a YouTube video. Overly confident, they started to rip out the old battery to make room for a shiny new one.

Sherman yanked up the battery after unscrewing anything and everything that could have been attached to it. That’s when something called the battery clamp bracket flew out from underneath, fell with a clang and disappeared into the bowels of the 10-year-old engine.

Pookie and Sherman took turns climbing underneath the car, burning through two flashlights as they reached into fans, engine shelves and things that looked like they were made of grease. They pushed the car forward, then backward in hopes that the two-inch metal clamp had fallen all the way through and was hiding under a tire.

Finally, after jacking the car up with the idea of tipping the clamp out to the ground they saw it. It had lodged itself in a small compartment behind the headlight.

Now old Sheila the Jetta starts perfectly and they can count this adventure as another victory over daily life!

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